Gallery | Pastel 100 Jurors Showcase

This year’s Pastel 100 competition jurors (Margaret Dyer, Dawn Emerson, Cecily Kahn, Richard McKinley and Peter Seltzer) have just over 150 years of experience in art-making, inspiration and creativity among them, so they know a thing or two about painting. Each has an appreciation for good design, the mastery of color and an exquisite handling of edges.

Read more about each of these five artists and their experiences as competition jurors in the April 2012 issue of Pastel Journal, and enjoy an online-exclusive gallery of their works below.


Rotissue | pastel

Rotissue by Margaret Dyer


Villa Rica Work Crew | pastel

Villa Rica Work Crew by Margaret Dyer


Remembering | pastel

Remembering by Dawn Emerson


The Elephants New Clot | pastel

The Elephants New Clot by Dawn Emerson


Unttled 2 | gouache

Untitled 2 (gouache) by Cecily Kahn


Untitled 6 | gouache

Untitled 6 (gouache) by Cecily Kahn


Canyons Edge | pastel

Canyons Edge by Richard McKinley


Summer Driftwood | pastel

Summer Driftwood by Richard McKinley


Into The Mystic | pastel

Into The Mystic by Peter Seltzer


Secrets | pastel

Secrets by Peter Seltzer



Pastel Journal April 2012 IssueView the 100 pastels
that these jurors honored
in the April 2012 issue
of Pastel Journal




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