Jack Pardue Gallery

In the October 2008 issue of The Pastel Journal, artist Jack Pardue introduces readers to his simplified approach to using pastel, designed to engender a sense of freedom and curtail the desire to overwork areas. "My preference is a direct approach," he says. "I don’t go back and alter strokes, except to add another value over an existing stroke or mark, and I don’t use my fingers to blend. By adjusting the way I hold and maneuver the pastel, I’m able to achieve a fresh, unlabored look." Read the full text of his feature, "Good Marksmanship," in the magazine (order by clicking here) and enjoy a special gallery of Pardue’s work in pastel below.

Colorado Snow (11×14)

Deep Woods (11×14)

French Doorway (14×11)

Rock Quarry (11×14)

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