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Drawing Room


Robert Palevitz’s devotion to his craft leads him out of the isolation of the studio and into weekly drawing sessions with live models. Enjoy an excerpt from an article on sketching figures in the October 2012 issue of Pastel Journal that focuses on Palevitz’s drawing techniques, as well as view a gallery of some of his quick sketches.


Not content to let just one artistic practice rule his career, Robert Palevitz maintains a fluency in a variety of media and, perhaps more importantly, a regular drawing practice.
“Drawing sharpens my painting skills and painting sharpens my drawing,” he says.  “Pastels, oils, drawings, watercolors—they all work together. All the parts benefit from each other. They’re different ways of thinking that go together.”


Robert Palevitz, Stretching Figure | Quick Sketches


Robert Palevitz, Figure Reclined | Quick Sketches


Robert Palevitz, Moving Figure | Quick Sketches


Robert Palevitz, Figural Drawing from Behind | Sketching Figures


Robert Palevitz, Figural Drawing | Sketching Figures


Palevitz isn’t the only artist with tips on drawing nude figures. These five artists share their thoughts on painting and drawing nude female figures.


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Read more about Palevitz’s drawing techniques in the October 2012 issue of Pastel Journal.



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