Pastel Painting Gallery | Jane Radstrom’s Figure Paintings

An unconventional approach adds dynamism and vitality to Jane Radstrom’s captivating pastel figures. In her pastel painting, the human form moves as if it’s printed with lenticular lenses, back and forth, depending on how it’s viewed. Ever skillful with layers of poses and pastels, her works nod to classical figure painting, but with a knowing wink that says this is a contemporary artist.

Enjoy some of these double-exposure figure paintings below, and read more about Jane Radstrom in the October issue of Pastel Journal, available now at and on newsstands beginning September 15.

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Andre (pastel, 38x26) by Jane Radstrom | figure painting

Andre (pastel, 38×26) by Jane Radstrom


Crows Nest (pastel, 51x34) by Jane Radstrom | figure painting

Crows Nest (pastel, 51×34) by Jane Radstrom


Sister Thyme (pastel, 38x26) by Jane Radstrom | figure painting

Sister Thyme (pastel, 38×26) by Jane Radstrom


Unstable Ground (pastel, 59x29) by Jane Radstrom | figure painting

Unstable Ground (pastel, 59×29) by Jane Radstrom



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