Sarah Bee | Landscape Interpretations in Pastel

Five years ago, British artist Sarah Bee moved from the hustle and bustle of England’s capital city to the much quieter surroundings of rural Devon. Her relocation to this coastal landscape in southwest England has been transformational. “On a personal level, I’m much happier away from London, which makes a big difference,” she says. “Plus, I’m completely surrounded by all the things that interest me as an artist: rocky coasts, rolling hills, woods and rivers.”

In the October 2014 issue of Pastel Journal, find out how the artist uses interpretative color and textural techniques to capture her new environs in rich, moody pastel paintings, like these:


From Wistman’s Wood (pastel) by Sarah Bee



Old Trees at the Edge of the Wood (pastel, 23×23) by Sarah Bee



The Moss on the Wall Glowed (pastel, 23×23) by Sarah Bee



Totnes, Storm Approaching (pastel, 23×23) by Sarah Bee













The Recital (pastel) by Alain Picard
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