Handle with Care | How to Ship Paintings

Learn all about shipping art with this excerpt from an article about how to ship paintings from the October 2012 issue of Pastel Journal, including some additional shipping resources.

Creating a masterpiece is only the first step. Sometimes the inner beauty of a medium  comes with understanding the special care required to maintain it after completion. Whether shipping art from a plein air location to the framer or shipping art to a client, knowing how to safely deliver a pastel is vital.

Professional framers are routinely warned against laying a pastel package face down even during the fitting stage of framing, for fear that pigment dust might drop onto the back of the glass when it’s being stapled closed. Obviously, originals aren’t framed when first being transported. At this stage, most artists will carry the fragile work to the framer. The transport of both framed and unframed pastels is a challenge, and when hand-delivery
isn’t an option, there are methods for transport that are designed for maximum protection with minimal damage or pigment loss.

How to Ship Paintings | Shipping Art

Additional Shipping Resources

Commercial Boxes and Supplies

Airfloat Systems Inc.
—StrongBox and Glas-Skin
; 800/445-2580, www.airfloatsys.com

Berry Plastics Corporation
—Patco 5560 Removable Tape (MSDS); 
available online through numerous suppliers; 812/306-2000, http://tapes.berryplastics.com

The Foam Factory—
2½-inch Charcoal Acoustic Egg Crate Foam
 and 1½-inch Charcoal Acoustic Egg Crate Foam
; 586/627-3626, www.thefoamfactory.com

Shipping Box Instructions

Designs Ink Publishing
—Creative Mounting, Wrapping and Laminating, 1999
; Step-by-step directions for Hinged Box, Drop Spine Box and Sink Box
; 661/821-2188, www.designsinkart.com (Click on the “Books” tab.)


For the full article on how to ship pastel paintings, see the October 2012 issue of Pastel Journal.


See “How To Speak Framer” in the June 2010 issue of  The Pastel Journal for more on spacers and bevels.



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