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Across the Miles

Across the Miles (pastel, 14 x 28) by Lorenzo Chavez

If you walked into a gallery and saw a show with pastels by Lorenzo Chavez, Doug Dawson, Margaret Dyer, Albert Handell and Sally Strand hanging on the walls, you might be convinced you had a strayed into a dream. Well then, it’s a dream come true at the Abend Gallery in Denver, Colorado, which is hosting a Pastel Invitational, opening August 26 and running through September 24.

Woodland Zyphers (pastel, 12 x 18) by Albert Handell

In addition to the artists listed above, the exhibition features work by 14 other top list pastelists: Deborah Bays, Dan Beck, Sandra Burshell, Ernie Gallegos, Bruce A. Gómez, Ramon Kelley, Terrie Lombardi, Janet Monafo, Cuong Nguyen, Connie Renner, John Roush, Elizabeth Sandia, Deborah Stewart, and Liz Haywood Sullivan.

Muffins (pastel, 17.25 x 22) by Janet Monafo

“We’ve wanted to shine a spotlight on pastel for a while now,” says the gallery’s Dave Ethridge. “It’s such a dynamic and fluid medium that requires inifinite patience and skill, and a little poetry. We are truly thrilled to have such an amazing lineup for the show of many of the very best pastelists in the country.”

The opening reception will take place August 26, 2011, from 5 to 9 pm in the Main Gallery.

You’ll find features on master pastelists like these, plus demonstrations and more in every issue of The Pastel Journal.

Look for an article by Albert Handell in the August 2011 issue.

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