Simone Bingemer | 16th Annual Pastel 100 Founder’s Award Winner

Congratulations to Simone Bingemer, of Cologne, Germany, winner of the Pastel Journal Founder’s Award, in memory of Maggie Price, in the 16th Annual Pastel 100 competition. (See Bingemer’s winning portrait, Isabell, and other top prize winners here.)

Bingemer’s portraits demonstrate sound drawing skills and a refined application of pastel, and reflect her deep examination of the heart of her subjects. The artist gives a large share of the credit for the power of her portraits to the collaborative spirit between the model and herself. “I always try to remain neutral, to respect my model’s dignity,” she explains, “to find out what we can create together.”

In addition to her human portraits, Bingemer also paints pets, bringing again both dexterity and heart in equal measure to the subject. Enjoy examples of both subjects in the gallery below.

To learn more about the artist, read the full article in the April 2015 special “Pastel 100” edition of Pastel Journal, available here.



Anna (pastel) by Simone Bingemer



Luca (pastel) by Simone Bingemer



Oliver (pastel) by Simone Bingemer



Schnuggel (pastel) by Simone Bingemer


















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