Steve Morvell | Wildlife Conservation-Inspired Pastel Art

Committed to conservation efforts, Australian artist Steve Morvell (featured in the February 2012 Pastel Journal) paints wildlife in sensitive pastels that inspire ecological protection—and preservation. View a gallery of his conservation-inspired pastels below.


pastel of lions by Steve Morvell

Lion Brothers (21¼ x 27 1⁄5) by Steve Morvell


orangutan painted in pastel | Steve Morvell

My Forest Home (18½ x 23 3⁄5) by Steve Morvell


meercats painted in pastel | Steve Morvell

Morning Lookouts (29½ x 21 3⁄5) by Steve Morvell


panda bear painted in pastel | Steve Morvell

Wild Border (25 1⁄5 x17 1⁄3) by Steve Morvell


African lioness painted in pastel | Steve Morvell

Time Out (25 ½ x 17) by Steve Morvell



Read a feature of Steve Morvell, written by Meredith E. Lewis, in the February 2012 issue of Pastel Journal.





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