Pastel Journal Online Exclusive | Pastels Inspired by the Weather

The perfect weather to paint is a relative concept for Ann Sanders, Andrew McDermott, Bonnie Zahn Griffith and Marc Hanson.  These artists embrace the snow, fog, rain, and ominous thunderheads and allow them to enrich their landscapes. Enjoy this exclusive gallery of pastels.

Botanic Garden Mist by Ann Sanders


Carpinteria Bluffs by Ann Sanders


January 28th by Andrew McDermott


Blue Days by Andrew McDermott


Storm Clouds and Wheat Fields by Bonnie Zahn Griffith


Afternoon Storm Skies by Bonnie Zahn Griffith


Snow Storm by Marc Hanson


Golden Rays by Marc Hanson


For more on these artists, see the August 2011 issue of The Pastel Journal.



Pastel Demonstration with Marc Hanson | Cloud Control



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