Window Reflections Using Watercolor| Robin Erickson Cityscape Gallery

Robin Erickson finds the extraordinary in the ordinary by painting window reflections using watercolor. While others dash past cityscape windows to their destinations, she watches and waits with her camera. Through those windows, she sees everyday sights: racks of clothing on display, a pizza maker plying his trade, an empty café table ready for guests. Once she glimpses the goings-on outside reflected in those windows—a couple strolling in perfect sync, a metro bus buzzing by—she knows she has a complete story to paint.

Erickson’s “love for a challenge” is what first drew her to try painting window reflections in watercolor. She believes that in our busy lives, we often pass through our surroundings without really seeing what is all around us, but that “some views are pretty magical and deserve a second look,” she says. 

Look through Erickson’s storefront reflection series in the June 2017 issue of Watercolor Artist, available at and on newsstands April 18.

watercolor_cityscape_coffeehouse_window_30x20 |

Coffeehouse Window (watercolor on paper) by Robin Erickson

India Street Reflection (watercolor on paper) by Robin Erickson

India Street Reflection (watercolor on paper) by Robin Erickson

watercolor_still_life_9th_avenue_door_robin_erickson |

9th Avenue Door (watercolor on paper) by Robin Erickson


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