Switching Creative Gears | Brush Lettering With Watercolor | Comment and WIN!

If you’re reading this post, chances are pretty good that you already love watercolor painting or are embarking upon your journey. Admittedly, we adore the medium—a bold stroke of the brush to plant a tree in a landscape, transparent glazes, not painting an area to suggest its existence—it’s magic! But what about other ways to use watercolor? One idea currently on our minds (thanks, Pinterest and instagram) is brush lettering with watercolor.

hand lettering in watercolor | brush lettering

Lettering by Jenn Mason and Julie Fei-Fan Balzer; image courtesy of CraftDaily

Not practical for your fine art purposes, you say? What about a birthday card for a loved one? A gift tag for a sold painting? This could be the activity that breaks you out of a creative slump and puts you back on the path to inspired watercolor painting. Our friends at Cloth Paper Scissors offer mark-making tips here and here (full disclosure: Cloth Paper Scissors is a sister publication).

So tell us: Are you into it? Comment below and tell us why or why not by September 9, and we’ll randomly select one respondent* to win a Pebeo watercolor set!

*US residents only, due to shipping costs and international contest rules and regulations.



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25 thoughts on “Switching Creative Gears | Brush Lettering With Watercolor | Comment and WIN!

  1. JaneA

    Brush lettering is the perfect way to set off a card you make. Even if it doesn’t come out perfect, you can adjust the edges with shadows or outlines. I love making and receiving watercolor cards.

  2. pearlshaynea

    i love the fluidity of using watercolor and a soft, flexible paintbrush for lettering. i’ve been practicing and although i’m not great at it yet, i will be!

  3. Bonnie Lea

    Well, I’d love to try watercolor lettering with a brush like that. I’m trying my hand at watercolor painting, and am still a beginner. I believe watercolor is so attractive because it’s bright like a light is shining through it, which is a good reason to use it in children’s books and for making cards to uplift people! We need that!!

  4. NanaD

    I think watercolor lettering can be so beautiful, it is so expressive depending on how you shade and shadow the letters it can look like water or rainbows or anything you choose. it can be bright or dark or washed out it is an incredible way of saying what you want in the most beautiful ways. It is so much more than the letter it represents.

  5. Moonsplash

    I adore h2o painting.
    I can not create words like illustrated to save my life though. I’m too bound to traditional scenic paintings.
    I need out of the box!!

  6. laflines

    Absolutely love the idea. I’ve been struggling trying to write with a paint brush as I want to do a poster but don’t want to use stencils. Is there a practice guide for the samples demonstrated? They are formed so beautifully.

  7. Enshope

    Creating cards and posters with watercolor is so much fun. Your fonts can be as creative as you want and can light up the lives of people who receive your cards and notes. I am definitely into it!

  8. HCal15

    Watercolors (and gouache) are great for brush lettering. Both mediums are also great for dip pen calligraphy, especially when you vary the colors in a word or sentence.

  9. Sooztheartist

    I love working with watercolors and letters. You can create beautiful effects and make s simple card or sign stand out! Although I’m proficient in watercolor as a medium, it’s s great adventure using it in letter writing! So fun 🙂

  10. Deborah Susan Hill

    I sometimes employ the use of brush lettering in my watercolor paintngs and think that it is a great skill to hone and add to any artist’s tool kit!

  11. Cindy

    I’m totally into it. I started watercolors because I wanted to make cards and such for loved ones. It’s been a while since I got back to it, but I think it’s a good idea to get started again.

    P.S. A Pebeo watercolor set would be awesome.