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Of all the articles I’ve written and edited for Watercolor Artist, one of my favorites remains “The Best Advice I Ever Got,” from the December 2005 issue. Sixteen prominent watercolorists, including Skip Lawrence, Christopher Schink, George James and John Salminen, shared the tips and advice that have meant the most to them and their careers.

Watercolorist Judi Betts recalled quotes from some of her own mentors:

Chen Chi (1912-2005): “Make your darks transparent.” So many people make their darks too dense and heavy, says Betts.

Millard Sheets (1907-1989): “Don’t go more than an inch without changing color and value, even if it’s a stroke as small as a mosquito’s eyelash.” A good reminder, Betts says, that making a painting is not like painting walls.

All told, the 2005 issues of Watercolor Artist (called Watercolor Magic at the time) have more than 30 step-by-step demonstrations, 40 artist profiles, 69 of the year’s best watermedia paintings (exhibition prizewinners) and hundreds of timeless tips and techniques. Today, you can get all those issues on one handy CD—on sale now for just $10.

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