A Plush Pouch for Paintbrushes

Like all artists, I worry about damaging my brushes when transporting them to and from painting expeditions. To protect my brushes, I fashioned a pouch out of a terry-cloth dish towel. I started by folding the towel lengthwise, leaving one side about two inches shorter than the other. I then laid my brushes inside the fold (with the bristles facing out) to measure how much space I’d need for each brush. Next, I sewed the two halves of the towel together in the spaces between the handles to hold the brushes in place. I positioned all of my short brushes together and sewed the material together along the bottom of brush handles so they wouldn’t slip inside the fold.

When I’m preparing to paint on-the-go, I just roll up my terry cloth pouch filled with brushes and toss it into a backpack with the rest of my gear. The best part about the pouch is: I can throw it in the washing machine with the rest of my laundry when it gets soiled.

A winner of the High Winds Medal in the American Watercolor Society’s 1999 show, Verbiest moved from Brussels to the United States 23 years ago.

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