Harold Allanson Step-by-Step Watercolor Demo

(watercolor on paper, 21×28)

Harold Allanson, featured in the February 2011 issue of Watercolor Artist, came up with a creative solution to a surface mishap that threatened to derail his painting, Ian, at the very end.

“This painting is about my friend, his passion and what he’s done with his life,” Allanson says. “I was finished with the portrait of Ian, the details in the rest of the painting, and was laying in the final wash—what I thought was going to be a simple wash to represent the blacktop surface—when out popped a scratch on the paper that made a hard line right through the middle of the foreground.” The artist remedied the situation by turning that scratch into a series of cracks in the pavement.

View his series of steps below.

Read a feature on Harold Allanson
in the February 2011 issue
Watercolor Artist


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