Announcing the 4th Annual Watermedia Showcase Winners

The recipe for a good painting can be boiled down to seven basic elements: line, shape, form, space, color, value and texture. But an award-winning painting in an art contest possesses something else as well—an additional ingredient that draws us in again and again and continually offers up new discoveries to ponder and appreciate, something beyond a display of technical prowess. Just what that extra special quality is can be difficult to pinpoint, but the artists who took prizes in this year’s watercolor competition, the 4th annual Watermedia Showcase, offer us clues as they reveal the stories behind their stunning paintings and share the importance of being bold, knowing your subject, adapting and never giving up.

Illusion by Denny Bond | watercolor portrait, art contest

Illusion (watercolor on paper) by Denny Bond


Congratulations to the 4th Annual Watermedia Showcase Winners:
1st Place: Denny Bond | East Petersburg, Pennsylvania
2nd Place: Mark McDermott | Anchorage, Alaska
3rd Place: Patton Hunter | St. Petersburg, Florida
4th Place: William McAllister | Braddock, Pennsylvania

Honorable Mentions:
Ron Stocke
Lindsay Handyside
Judy Nunno
Jill Poyerd
Tom Heflin
Rance Jones
David Stickel
Thomas W. Schaller
Bill James
Larry Lombardo


View a video of all the award-winning works by clicking here.

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