Announcing the Winners of Splash 14: Best of Watercolor

Congratulations to the 106 artists selected for the latest North Light Books’ Best of Watercolor competition, Splash 14: Light and Color!

On behalf of Rachel Wolf and the staff of North Light Books, I’d like to thank all of the participants in this year’s Splash contest. We received more than 1500 gorgeous entries, and it was a challenging task to narrow the field from so many worthy submissions. Thank you for sharing your work with us.

If you see your name below, you will receive an email from me on April 3rd detailing next steps.

All best,

Sarah Laichas
Editorial Coordinator, Splash: Best of Watercolor

Splash 14 Winners

Alexander, Kathleen (Abundance; Yellow Hibiscus)
Annesley, Jennifer (Pantheon; Teatro)
Archuleta, Jan (Healing Echinacea)

Baay, Nancy (Butterflies are Free)
Backer, Mary (Encore)
Baker, Hugh F. (Kayaks)
Baladad, Vanessa Calica (Patience)
Beck, Chris (Waiting in the Wings)
Berry, Graham (Lytham Cocklers)
Beukenkamp, Annelein (The Storyteller)
Braverman, Karen F. (Papaya)
Bunn, Christine Misencik (Survivor)

Cao, Peng (Ancient Waterway)
Chaddock, Anne (Catch of the Day; Sole Mates)
Collins; Kathy (After the Rain)
Cordero, Jaimie (Greenwich Park Rhodies)
Cornet, Heleen (Rainforest. The Tree on Top)
Cretney, Brenda (Three Horses)
Crone, LaVonne Tarbox (Recycle)
Crouch, Susan (Corbi)

Del Sol, Cristina (Cosmic Dancer)

Eber, Frank (City of Lights; Dordogne River Valley)
Erfle, Linda (Swiss Cow; Milk Goats of Saanenland)

Fairmont, Manette (Above The Firmament)
Frank, Jonathan (Reckoning)
Franz, Ming (Tahoe Rocks)
Fortunato, Nancy (Blue Taxis-Japan)
Fukushima, Michiyo (Minerva – G.C.T.)

Gauthier, Carla (Waiting for the Lunchtime Crowd)
Gerrish, Charlene (Steam’n the Roundhouse)
Gill, Jean K. (Sun Strokes & Rain Fall)
Givot, Stuart (Redwood Creek)
Goldstein-Warren, Laurie (My Brother’s Keeper)
Gore, Don (Wicked)
Guo, Liu Zhan (Shanghai Rainy Day)

Hamlin, Elizabeth M. (Metaphor #6)
Hearding, Catherine (A Walk in the Woods)
Hegman, Cathy (Chaos of Commitment)
Hillis, Catherine (My Viewpoint)

Isenburg, Karin (Clementines)

Johnson, Jeanne R. (Glimpse)
Johnson, Kim (Brothers In Arms; Honeymooner)
Jurick, Kristina (Fishmarket Venice)

Kalin, Jean (Morning Glow)
Kaplan, Chizuru Morii (Paris)
Khan, Fahmi (Blue Raven)
Knox, Charlotte (42nd Street Pizza)
Kozar, Steven (Ripening Pumpkins)

Lamothe, Marie (Beauty Beheld)
Leedy, Robert (Ocean & Ahern)
Leeper, Christopher (Big Baby Beef)
Lesley, Donna (Mr. Daly’s Roses)
Lin, Fealing (An Ancient Tune; An Ancient Tune; Night in Dresden)
Lynem, Ross (Meana)

Makowski, Robin Lee (Another Round of Primaries)
Masi, Antonio (Exodus)
Mason, Paul (Lions on the Avenue)
Maxwell, Dave (Going Green)
McCracken, Laurin (Clear Glassware)
Mehaffey, Mark (Taos Shadows 2)
Meythaler, Doug (Gawkers Slowdown)
Montague, Susan (Tales of the North Fork; Remember; Meadow’s Edge)
Morrison, James S. (4 Canoes at Kanuga)
Mu, Ran (Mu Ran 2)

Naik, Sachin (NaikSachin2.jpeg)
Nakari, Judy (Shadows of the Tuscan Sun)
Natale, Marie (Something’s Biting; A Walk on Historic Jackson)
Near, Nancy (Caribbean Spice)
Ng, Alfred (Parrot Tulip with Blue)
Nichols, R. Mike (Mystery Man)
Nunn, Janet (Roots and Stems)
Nuttall, Ted (Girl in Motion)

Parins, Kris (Floaters)
Pink, Sue (The Secret of the Old Clock)
Preslan, Kris (Sidewalk Raphael #2)

Reyes, Lynda A. N. (California Grandpa)
Rifkin, Dorrie (Across from Central Park)
Rogers, William (Go)

Salminen, John (Market Street, Bryant Park, The Mall)
Sawant, Prafull B. (Mirror Of Sky; Holy Morning At Nasik Ghat)
Schaller, Thomas W. (Concrete Factory)
Schmidt, Patricia (Year of the Rabbit)
Sharpe, F. Charles (Painted with a Roller)
Shelton, Dean (The Path)
Simpson, Penny Thomas (Real Cherries)
Smith, Kay (Sinatra)
Smith, Michelle Goll (Spring Preview; Papillon)
Spino, Frank (Fresh Squeezed; Makin’ OJ)
Stickel, David L. (Afternoon Stroll)
Stocke, Ron (Corner Market; Burrard St, Vancouver, BC)
Stratton, Joyce (Absolution V)
Stuller, Susan M. (But Is It Art)
Swan-McDonald, Deborah (The Professor)
Swenson, Brenda, (The Castle Green)

Tablante, Jimmy (Breaktime)

Vitulli, Suzi (Coochi Coo)

Waller, Carrie (Anticipation)
Walnes, Nancy (Beaufort Marsh)
Warren, Soon Y. (Harpy Eagle)
Watry, Lorraine (Shows Over)
Welsh, Judy (Konbanwa)
Wencong, Wang (The Farm)
Wicks, David (Bridge Nymph)
Wold, Oddvar (Haukeli3)
Woods, Richard (Dardanelles Lake)

Yasuoka, Keiko (Tulips; Which one?; My Special Place)




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