A Look Back: Birgit O’Connor

In our February 1998 issue, Birgit O’Connor presented “Paving a Path to Dramatic Florals: How to use value contrasts to create deep, inviting compositions.” Describing her strategy in composing in pure transparent watercolor, she wrote: “To draw my viewers into my world, I rely on a strong sense of spatial depth. To evoke the illusion of depth, I create a path of lights and darks that allows the viewer to pass through a portal and move further and further into the painting.”

Since that first feature, O’Connor has contributed countless articles to The Artist’s Magazine and to our sister publications, Watercolor Artist (formerly Watercolor Magic) and Artist’s Sketchbook. O’Connor lives in Bolinas, California.

Recently, O’Connor has contributed a number of step-by-step demonstrations to the magazine, including:

To see more of her work, visit www.birgitoconnor.com.

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