Watercolor Artist Gallery | Josy Britton’s Mosaic Techniques for Watercolor Paintings

Enjoy this gallery of impressionism-inspired, mosaic-like watercolors by Josy Britton, who is featured in the October 2012 issue of Watercolor Artist.

“The style I invented, as a result of my love of impressionism involves using some mosaic techniques,” says Britton. “I’m interested in the effect of sunlight on color and color that overlaps jewel-like pairs of colors, creating a third color and shape.


"Sentries" by Josy Britton

“Sentries” (watercolor) by Josy Birtton


“Sentries, for example, was conceived on a bicycle trip in the Netherlands; tall trees guarded the bicycle path. I was interested in playing with the layers of depth. From a distance, the painting easily reads as a row of majestic trees. But as one draws nearer, the depth of field diminishes and one sees interesting patterns and fragments of color.

“When I first saw paintings by Monet, I was intrigued that up close the subject could hardly be made out but, as I backed up, there appeared first two layers of depth and then more until the scene was easily discernible. I couldn’t understand how this effect could be achieved, but over the years, I’ve discovered Monet’s secrets.”


"Sous-Bois" by Josy Britton | Mosaic Paintings

“Sous-Bois” (watercolor) by Josy Britton



"Rocha Negra" by Josy Britton | Mosaic Paintings

“Rocha Negra” (watercolor) by Josy Britton



"Maple Sky" by Josy Britton | Mosaic Techniques

“Maple Sky” (watercolor) by Josy Britton



"Genuflection" by Josy Britton | Mosaic Techniques

“Genuflection” (watercolor) by Josy Britton



Read more about Josy Britton in the October 2012 issue of Watercolor Artist.


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