Watercolor Landscape Painting | Heleen Cornet

Dutch-born watercolor artist Heleen Cornet treks the treacherous mountains of Saba, a remote Caribbean island, camping out in the rain forest to sketch and paint its lush scenes.

In the June 2013 issue of Watercolor Artist, Cornet shares how she captures the breathtaking beauty of her adopted island home.


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Rainforest Light (watercolor on paper, 30x22)

Rainforest Light (watercolor on paper, 30×22)

The Elfin Forest 2012 (watercolor on canvas, 34x46)

The Elfin Forest 2012 (watercolor on canvas, 34×46)

Sandy Cruz (triptych; watercolor on canvas, 44x96)

Sandy Cruz (triptych; watercolor on canvas, 44×96)


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