Gallery | Frank Eber’s Plein Air Watercolors

Frank Eber faces his subjects head on, where ever they may be — on dark city streets, in Europe’s dusty corners or breezy California ports. His lively plein air watercolors demonstrate that high risk can also mean high reward. Read more about Frank Eber in the June 2012 issue of Watercolor Artist, and view a web-exclusive gallery of his watercolors below.

Ocean Near Elm | Watercolor
Ocean Near Elm (watercolor on paper) by Frank Eber
Long Beach Glow | watercolor
Long Beach Glow (watercolor on paper) by Frank Eber
Ile de la Cite | watercolor
Ile de la Cite (watercolor on paper) by Frank Eber
Couple On Esplanade | watercolor
Couple On Esplanade (watercolor on paper) by Frank Eber
Cold Morning | watercolor
Cold Morning (watercolor on paper) by Frank Eber













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