In Memorium: Pam Stanley

It takes a bold artist to capture the high contrast and almost otherworldly geometry of the landscapes and plantlife along the Texas coast and Hill Country. Watercolorist Pam Stanley was one such talent–a painter who found herself most at home when experimenting with bright colors. She reveled in every opportunity to share this passion with others. In fact, Stanley’s trademark embrace of bold choices was one she’d planned to share with Watercolor Artist readers soon. When she passed away in January of this year, she was in the process of writing a column for the magazine in which she challenged fellow painters to indulge their inner love for colors they might otherwise shy away from using. Stanley herself never missed an opportunity to “see red” in her depiction of her subjects. She loved the color and reveled in its vivacious energy. As a testament to Stanley’s remarkable life and work, we invite you to pick up your brush and go bold. Enjoy a special gallery of the artist’s work below:



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