Life Without Flowers? Pshaw…

Flowers are an integral part of our culture. Think of the times you’ve used them in your life–in weddings for the bouquet or boutonnière, and on more somber occasions, in funerals to decorate the parlor and cemetery. Of course, there are the majority of days in between as well, when we might pause to look at the flowers at our local market, on a neighborhood walk, or, at my house, on a table, where I try to keep a few stems to bring a little extra beauty to the space. 

Farmer's Market Bouquet (watercolor, 11x14) by Julie Gilbert Pollard

Farmer’s Market Bouquet (watercolor, 11×14) by Julie Gilbert Pollard

It’s no wonder that flowers are such a popular subject to paint, given their presence in our lives. Janet Walsh and Julie Gilbert Pollard use watercolor to create paintings of flowers that are full of movement and life. In this new e-magazine, Painting Flowers With Watercolors, they provide demonstrations on how to paint lifelike florals with primary colors as well as how to paint the different shapes of flowers. It’s only $2.99, and in addition to these lessons, it includes a selection of art from Splash 14: The Best of Watercolor

Glimpse (watercolor floral painting) by Jeanne R. Johnson

Glimpse (watercolor, 21¾x14⅜) by Jeanne R. Johnson

Glimpse (above) by Jeanne R. Johnson is one of the paintings featured. Her advice is to photograph the perfect moment: “I walked through a shaded garden in Florida and came across this brilliant red flower wedged in a cool dark and rocky cleft,” she says. “The sun was just going down and the last narrow beam of sunshine spotlighted the foliage before the clouds shifted and pushed the image into darkness. I photographed the moment. I wanted to capture the contrast of light against dark, hard edges versus soft edges, and the brilliant colors in the flower and leaves. I used a wet-into-wet technique, relying on sponges to get the texture of the rock and then back painting into these marks. I mix my blacks to keep them warm and vibrant.” 

You can have Painting Flowers With Watercolors in moments, when you click here and download your copy. Get started learning how to paint flowers, or add to your existing techniques so that you can interpret the beauty of flowers on your own. 

Stopping to smell the roses,

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