Watercolor Artist Online Exclusive: Marjorie Glick Watercolor Landscapes

Marjorie Glick’s large-scale watercolor landscapes, featured in the October 2010 issue of Watercolor Artist, have a story to tell. Read about the inspiration behind some of her additional paintings below.

Rickledge Porch, watercolor, by Marjorie Glick
Rockledge Porch (watercolor on paper, 40×60)

“This quintessential Maine home is part of the over 100-year-old Arndt family compound, where I lead an artist’s retreat every summer. I wanted to convey the peacefulness of a summer day.”

Conservatory, Winter Light, watercolor, by Marjorie Glick
Conservatory, Winter Light (48×36)

“It was snowing outside but warm, sunny, and tropical inside. I made the leaves even more saturated than they were by using tropical colors of turquoise, teal and vivid green.”

Forest Rhododendron, watercolor, by Marjorie Glick
Forest Rhododendron (watercolor on paper, 30×40 inches)

“I made the flower large so it would be a world unto itself, contrasting the iridescence of the flower with the deep greens, browns, and yellows of the forest.”

Porch with Mountainvie, watercolor, by Marjorie Glick
Porch with Mountainview (watercolor on paper, 40×60)

“This was [my] first large-scale watercolor and has special resonance for me, since it was painted shortly after my mother died. The pairing of the tangible world (the porch) with the intangible world (the expansive view) is, for me, an homage to my mother’s spirit.”

Binnie's Porch, watercolor, by Marjorie Glick
Binnie’s Porch (40×60)

Read Meredith E. Lewis’
on Marjorie Glick
in the October 2010 issue
Watercolor Artist



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