Master Disaster with Watercolor Painting Techniques

TregayMDAre your watercolor paintings hanging on a wall proudly, or hidden under your bed or in a closet, not quite finished? Not sure how to take them to that final stage? You’re not alone. One of the biggest challenges facing watercolor artists of all levels, but especially for beginners, is how to paint to completion, fix mistakes, and create a strong composition.

The most common myth of watercolor art is that once you’ve painted a spot, you can’t go back and fix the color. Lifting color is the first of five art lessons you’ll learn; yes, even super dark color can be lifted from the paper with a bit of patience! You’ll pick up composition tools for correcting the design at all stages, along with watercolor painting techniques, including how to paint the background of a floral using negative painting, adding washes and balancing both sides of a painting, and more.

The art instruction in this video is easy to follow, and Susan Tregay delivers lessons and tools that anyone can master, regardless of skill level. You’ll love seeing the exercises on their own, then applied to a work in progress, followed by examples in finished paintings so you can see the results are as good as promised.

Give it a try yourself! Preview Master Disaster with Susan Tregay now to learn how to lift color from a tulip and apply a lighter color over the space, all without getting muddy colors! Once you’ve tried it yourself, you can find the rest of the video at, along with materials, reviews, and more. See why Denise said, “One of the best instruction videos I have seen.” She’s not the only one; with 8 glowing, 5-star reviews, so what are you waiting for?

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