Drawn to Paint | Peter Quinn

English artist Peter Quinn relies on drawing—something he greatly enjoys—as the foundation for the bold color and strong shapes of his watercolor paintings, most often of townscapes. He takes a sketchbook with him on all of his painting excursions, filling it with lively, linear-style drawings in waterproof ink. These days, he takes a watercolor box, too, to add brief color notes, and he backs up his sketches with photographs as reference for the scenes.

There may be an intermediate study between sketch and final painting, but either way, before reaching for his paints, Quinn makes a fairly detailed underdrawing in pencil, carefully planning the final image. “I’m hopeless at both measuring and scaling up, although I do try,” the artist says. “Because of that, my working process involves regular redrawing, and redrawing again, as the picture builds up.”

To learn more about Quinn’s process, and to see more his work, check out the June 2014 issue of Watercolor Artist, available at northlightshop.com and on newsstands April 22.

Ta' Pawlina (watercolor) by Peter Quinn

Ta’ Pawlina (watercolor) by Peter Quinn

Leazes Terrace (watercolor) by Peter Quinn

Leazes Terrace (watercolor) by Peter Quinn

Near Cerro Macho, Andalucia

Near Cerro Macho, Andalucia













































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