Jen’s Picks: Paint Realistic Watercolor Portraits

Realistic Watercolor PortraitsRealistic Watercolor Portraits
by Suzanna Winton
Portraits have the power to capture a likeness that touches the soul. You can learn to paint realistic portraits with artistry following the guidance in this inspirational book, Realistic Watercolor Portraits.

Nine complete step-by-step demonstrations show you how to use watercolors to build portraits that come to life with realism and personality. Each demonstration features a different person—so you can explore a range of ages, skin tones, facial features, hair tones and textures—mastering each detail at your own pace.

Even if you are a beginner, success is within your reach as you learn how to:

  • Place an image properly
  • Capture a likeness and add character
  • Paint realistic skin tones
  • Fix mistakes without starting over
  • Edit visual information for greater impact
  • Capture the textures of clothing and accessories
  • Select and paint a background that supports the portrait

With Realistic Watercolor Portraits on your side, you can achieve the portraits you’ve always dreamed of painting. Get started today. Great portraits await!

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