Watercolor Artist Web-Exclusive | Scott Hartley

“This is what occupies me more and more in my career,” says Scott Hartley, a featured artist in the August 2011 issue of Watercolor Artist. “To get that subtle relationship where everything is placed in such a way that it kind of snaps to attention.” Hartley is a native and current resident of Ann Arbor, Michigan, who breathes life into urban scenery that most people pass by unheeded. He relishes the challenge of balancing textures, colors and angular shapes to create pieces that tacitly draw attention to the quiet beauty of city life. When not on the road participating in art festivals, he supports the arts by playing in the reeds quartet for the Ann Arbor Symphony and coordinating music education outreach to public schools.

Enjoy this gallery of additional paintings.


Side Ladder

Steps and Platforms


Long Ladder


Ladder Shadows


Ladder Landing


Fire Escape Reflections

Alley Shadows

Read more about Scott Hartley in the August 2011 issue of Watercolor Artist.




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3 thoughts on “Watercolor Artist Web-Exclusive | Scott Hartley

  1. PamE.

    Back to apologize……Mr. Hartley not Harley. One more point while I’m back…did anyone else notice even the ladder in Ladder Landing looks like actual rust is on the ladder. Amazing.

    1. PamE.

      Oh Wow is right. I have always been a little (okay, alot) obsessed with cityscapes. Scott Harley’s Alley Shadows and Ladder Landing are brilliant. Seriously, how did you get those letters ‘old gold’ painted so perfect? More cityscapes please. Loved them.