Splash 18 Runners-Up

Rachel Wolf’s Runners-Up Selections for Splash 18:

Congratulations! Reaching runner-up status in Splash is certainly praise-worthy! For Splash 18 we received more than 1600 entries from watercolor artists all over the world. I looked at every one of your paintings multiple times, and liked each one very much. I only wish we could publish a book of 250 pages to allow for all of the wonderful art work we receive for Splash. Thank you so much for your interest in the contest. We are so appreciative to all of you wonderful artists.

Keep on painting and best wishes!

Rachel Rubin Wolf


Abgott, Anne – LeHigh
Adkison, Melissa – The Exhibit
Ainsworth Mout, Gloria – Sunflower Angel Surprise
Akimbo, Trowzers – Still Life with Oaxaca Coyote and Serape
Alexander, Kathleen – Two Persimmons
Anthony, Scott – Sedimentary Colorado
Armendariz, Tony – Havana Pharmacy
Baffa, Bill – Saddle Up
Baker, Sally – Sun-Drenched Solitude
Baker, Linda Daly – Double Shadows
Baker, Linda Daly – All Aboard
Baker, Linda Daly – Cascading Sunlight
Beanland, Rex – Winter Sun, Inglewood
Beard, Freeman – Almost daylight
Beesley, Terrece – Freshly Cut
Belich, Janet – Split Hairs
Bent, Sarah – Carnations & Blue Bowl
Berry Bergeron, Kathleen – Hello There
Betts, Judi – Ready to Crack
Billeci, Patricia – Catherine
Bird, Matthew – Still Life with Lemons & Crystal Pitcher
Blackell, Margo – Lunch Break in the City
Blore, Janice – Moonlight Magnolias
Bond, Denny – Essential Oils
Bonnycastle, Andrew – The Rush Hour – Toronto Streetcar Driver
Brabec-King, Cindy – Tea Seeps and Recipes
Brace Granhaug, Kimberly – All Things Considered
Brehaut, William “Daniel” – The Siting
Brown, Brienne M – Strolling Up Front Street
Brown, Helen – Faith, Hope & Charity
Buchanan, Robert E. – Marsh
Bullas, Will – Pirate
Campbell-Carter, Melanie – Amorphophallus titanum (infructescence)
Canfield, Stella – Rhapsody in Bleu
Carey, Peter – Anise Swallowtail
Chabrian, Deborah – Just Picked Apples
Chandler, Marsha – Vegetable Medley
Chapline, Cheryle – Nature’s Tangle
Chapline, Cheryle – Shades of White: Iris
Chi, Lei – Pebble Beach
Chien, Chung Wei – Aosta
Chong, Kah Wah – Manali March 04
Chow, Jansen – Morning Market
Collins, Kathy – Beach Riders
Creel, Carol – Perfume Bottles
Cretney, Brenda – 4-H Cow
cunning, kathleen – 58 eldorado
Danecke, Lawrence – Lunch Break
Davis, Barbara O’Neal – Window Dressing
Deemer, Kittie – The Intensity of a Look
Delehanty CWA, Sandy – Petal to the Metal
Dentinger, Ric – Cactus on a hot tin roof
Dentinger, Ric – Luckenbach Feed & Fertilizer
Devine, Richard – Canadian Rockies
DiNicola, Joann – Vermont Here To Stay
Dolphin, Gail – He Loves the Sun
Dutton, Richard – Winter Light
Eesley, Joyce – Hibiscus
Eldridge, L. S. – The Tooled Edge
Erfle, Linda – Capsaicin Connection
Erfle, Linda – White Tights and Giggles
Evans, Janice – April Marshland
Fechenbach, Diane – Reflections, 11 Views
Ferris, Lynn – Shadowplay
Foster, Sherry Adams – Summer Tomatoes
Fox, Ryan – Hecho en Potosi
Gackstatter, Gretchen – Green and Golden
Germany, Allyn –  Terlingua Taxis
Gerrish, Charlene – Vacancy
Giles, Kathleen – Chocolate Martini
Gill, Jean K – Inferno
Gordon, Nanc – InDepth Coleus
Granger Kerbs, Denise – Of Oak and Cane
Hammerman, Beverly – The Last Day Of Summer
Hart, Ann – Chin Up
Haynes, AWS, Richard William – MORNING LIGHT
Henricksen, Gail – The Good Life
Hibbard, Carolyn – Savannah Blues
Hill, Mike – Yellow Ribbon
Hitchens, Patricia – Travelin’ Trio
Holter, Michael – Great Scot
Holter, Michael – Blue Morning Istanbul
Humphrey, Lesley – Maya
Hyoung Jun, Lee – Way above the people
Jablokow, Peter – Calumet River Vertical Lift Bridge
James, Alan – Bar Reflections II
Jefferson, Lisa – Angles Of Iris
Jefferson, Lisa – Kale Garden
Johnson, Kie – In the Studio
Johnston, Sue – Left Behind
Jones, Rance – Playing With Light
Jones, Rance – Dos Por Sesenta
Jorgensen, Cheryl – Floating Market
Jozwiak, Bev – The Destroyer
Kakde, Vijay – Bazaar Road on Sunday
Kalin, Jean – Aglow
Keller Larkins, Kathryn – Through Security
Kent, Gregory – Just before the storm
Lai, Ze Ze – All Night Long
Lai, Ze Ze – Season’s Greetings
Lanzoni, Kathleen – White Blossoms
Lavine, Alexis – Whiskered
Lax Kozar, Nancy – Aspen Brilliance
Lin, Fealing – Anytime Sooner
Liontas-Warren, Katherine – Open Flood Gate at Medicine Park
Lowe, Cheryle – Kimberly
Magallanes, Guy – Gung Hay Fat Choy
Makowski, Robin Lee – Frank’s Southwest Treasures
malnati, francois – apples on aluminium foil
Mason, Paul – Scenic Turnout 2 South
McAllister, William – VAL
McAnally, Terry – Quiet Time
McCartney, Anne – Winter Walk
McClung, Catherine – Mid Summer Night’s Dream
McClung, Catherine – Evening Splendor
McCormack, Geoffrey – ScienceForAChanghingWorld
McDermott, Mark – Edinburgh
McIntyre, Donna – A Tisket A Tasket
McKinney, Trish – Family Stroll On 42nd Street
Meyer-Plath, Stuart – NY Flag Series_Statue of Liberty
Mondloch, Dan – Late Day Light – Duluth
Mondloch, Dan – Grand Marais Lighthouse
Montgomery, Audrey – Hanging On
Morris, Steve – Avian Candominium
Nelson, Vickie – Heads Up
nichols, r mike – Family Foto 3
Nunno, Judy – Afternoon Snack
Oliver, Roberta – 47th and Broadway
Olsen, Barbara – The Light in her Eyes
Park, Adele – Compost Cruiser
Pate, Monika – Roots
Pelissier, Sandrine – The Tree Place
Peluso, Catherine – Brooklyn Diner
Pena, Juan – Capri Village
Perez, Luis – Farnese Mailbox
Perez, Luis – House #8, Farnese, Italy
Perlbachs, Victor – Afternoon on Brook Avenue
peterson, cynthia – Fire and Ice
Peterson, Carol – Dominican Dancer
Peterson, Carol – Dominican Dancer
Petty, Jim – Portrait of Artist John Marbury
Petty, Jim – Carrie
Powell, Suzy ‘Pal’ – Days Gone By
Powell, Tom – A Moment – Cafe du Monde
Powell, Tom – A Moment
Poyerd, Jill – Backcountry Glade
Preslan, Kris – Cars I’ll never Own, #15
Preslan, Kris – Trasporto Romantico
Privitera, Lana – Winter Care Package
Purcell, Robin – After The Fire Vlll
Quick, Marion – The Burn
Quiel, Cathy – Out of Pocket Series – T-REX STAGE
Rankin, David – View of the Bhagirathi River in the Ganges Himalayas
Rankin, David – Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos in the Delhi Zoo
Reardon, Michael – Arezzo
Revino, Gwen – Reaching For The Sun
Rogone, Anthony – Glass Light
Roper, Sherry – Pomodori
Rose, Marilyn – LeaveWellEnoughAlone
Saltzman, Judy – Swimming in Circles
Schilling, Lynn – At The Lake
Shea, Alisa – The Missing Piece
Simpson, Penny Thomas – Another Blooming Cactus
Smith, Harold Dean – Changing Seasons
Smith, Harold Dean – Ancient Rudder (Santorini, Greece)
Smith, Kay – SophistoCat
Smith, Jerry – Port Clyde Autumn
Steinbach-Garcia, Teresa – Husk
Stickel, Sean – Super-Mini Colors
Stinebaugh, Diane – Bee on Purple Flower
Strohschein, Sandra – Morning Commute
Strong, Dellene – Australian Native Iris
Stubbs, Chris – Swiftly Fly the Years
Su, Kevin Mu-chen – Sunset
Sudhi, Sujit – Fifty shades of snow
Sun, Ching-Ping – A Rainy Evening in Prague
Tablante, Jimmy – Good Morning Maui
Tanabe, Keiko – Before a storm, Venasque, France
Taylor, Don – Arches of Augsburg
Thienpondt, Fernand  – White Steps to the Airport
Tse, Rainbow – Sunset Saunter
Tse, Rainbow – Forward
Tuliszewski, Carmella – Glimmerglass
Tunseth, Dee – Escalera a La Villita
Ulrich, Peter – England in the Rain
Umemoto, Diane – Autumn Light, Victoria Park
Waller, Carrie – Celebration
Ward, Marney – Butchart’s Begonias
Ward Wolford, Lois – Are You Sure
Warren, Soon – Cherries with Reflection
Warren, Soon – Baby’s breath Sprinkle
Washington, Margaret – Copenhagen Sunset
Watry, Lorraine – Bamboo and Lilies
Watson, Deborah E – The Reel Story
Weil, James – Yosemite Falls from Swinging Bridge
Werneck, Daniela – Whatever
Wheeler, Rick – Harris’ Hawk
Wight, Nicki – Zimbabwe Grandma
Willey, Herb – Swimmers on Beach Blvd
Wolfe, Monique – Cat Scan
Wolford, F Cole – Spreepark I
Yager, Pat – Autumn Gold Rhododendron
Yates, Marvin – Let Light Shine Out Of Darkness
Yeh, Cheng Fen – Dream Chaser
Yu, HsinHsin – Ring-necked Pheasant
Zhen, Lian Quan – Red Rock Creek

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