Winners Announced for Splash 12

Congratulations to the 100 artists selected to appear in Splash 12: Celebrating Artistic Vision! As always, the judging committee had a big pair of boots to fill in narrowing down the field from thousands of excellent entries. A sincere thank you to all who submitted artwork for this year’s contest. 

Cindy Agan

Gloria Ainsworth Mout

Kathleen Alexander

Ruth Arthur

Frances Ashley

Linda Baker

Sally Baker

Deena S. Ball

Susan Baresel

Cindy Bernhard

Sandra Blair

Anne van Blarcom Kurowski

Rachel Bohsali

Francesca Brayton

Josy Britton

Naomi Campbell

Kara Catro

Anne Chaddock

Marguerite Chadwick-Juner

Cheryl Chalmers

Chow Chin Chuan

Kathy Collins

Susan Crouch

Ric Dentinger

Oscar R Dizon

Richard H. Dutton

Sy Ellens

Lynn Ferris

Diane Forest

Nancy Fortunato

Barbara Fox

Dana Fox Jenkins

Jane Freeman

Diane Fujimoto

Henry Fukuhara

Janice Hall

Scott Hartley

Verna Hendricks

Joyce Hicks

Terri Hill

Catherine Hillis

Mary Hopf

Lynn Hosegood

Anne Hudec

Carla Gauthier

Kathie George

Stuart Givot

Ken Goldman

Elizabeth Groves

Lynn Hosegood

Cary Hunkel

Russell Jewell

Bev Jozwiak

Jean Kalin

George Kocar

Andrew Kusmin

Frank Lalumia

Heidi Lang Parrinello

Fealing Lin

Geoffrey McCormack

Michael Allen McGuire

Geraldine McKeown

Trish McKinney

Claudia McKinstry

Jenny Medved

David Milton

Gina Mitchell

Judy Morris

Torgesen Murdock

Lael Nelson

Will Nelson

Ruth Newquist

Ted Nuttall

Sandra L. O’Connor

Karen Oreck

Donald Patterson

Sandrine Pelissier

Ann Pember

Jaun Pen?a

Kris Preslan

Sharon Rajnus

Michael Reardon

John Salminen

Tim Saternow

Ron Schloyer

Patricia Schmidt

Lynn Slade

Dean Sladek

SW Spurgeon

Brenda Swenson

Zhou Tianya

James Toogood

Sharon Towle

Rosa Vera

Myrna Wacknov

Soon Warren

Steve Wilda

Laura Wilk

Christopher Wynn

Dale Ziegler

North Light is currently accepting entries for the latest in our Best of Drawing series, Strokes of Genius 3: Fresh Perspectives. Please check the Splash website for info on how to enter.

And coming next month is the latest volume Splash 11: New Directions. Pre-order your copy today!





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