Still Life Paintings That Are Anything But

The blinding lights, the heat from an adrenaline rush, the clear music overtaking any distracting sounds…when I first viewed the painting Mona Lisa Dances with Poppies (below), a still life by Myra Schuetter, it was anything but “still” to me. Although this dancer is forever attached to a single stand that keeps her from leaping across the floor, and although the table or shelf that she rests on isn’t a stage, this painting evokes a theatrical moment–perhaps a pause…for applause–during an evening of entertainment. It has carried me away.

Mona Lisa Dances With Poppies

Mona Lisa Dances With Poppies (watercolor on paper, 48×48) by Myra Schuetter

Myra’s paintings are featured in Watercolor Artist (October 2013) in an article titled “Personal Effects” by John A. Parks. In it, he writes, “Myra Schuetter paints watercolors of lavish richness, sustaining a powerful intensity across large-scale works that are teeming with objects and information. Focusing almost entirely on still life, she selects objects that lend themselves to high visual drama. Chrome and silver, satin and glass, plastic and chocolate abound in her paintings, all rendered with sparkling clarity achieved with sure drawing and finely judged values. But more than simple visual pyrotechnics, Schuetter’s paintings carry strong narratives and powerfully emotive undercurrents.”

Roomie's Daughter Got Married

Roomie’s Daughter Got Married: and Things Don’t Always Turn Out the Way You Thought, Myra Ann (watercolor on paper, 60×60) by Myra Schuetter

You can see this for yourself in Mona Lisa Dances with Poppies, as well as Roomie’s Daughter Got Married: and Things Don’t Always Turn Out the Way You Thought, Myra Ann (above). “My paintings are personal statements about my life, events or people I’ve observed, or society in general,” says Schuetter, “but I don’t want to try to trick people or send deep, psychological messages. I want people to enjoy my work. I would never want someone to feel intimidated by a perceived ‘message’ and not enjoy the painting.”

Time and again Watercolor Artist brings forth unique art and artists such as Myra (when you subscribe you’ll see exactly what I mean). I know I could look at her work forever and probably discover new details and symbols each time; I just love the haunting look in her dancer’s eyes, deepened by the shadows of the inferred lights.

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