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“I’m interested in how people live, whether it’s people in my own culture or others,” says Keiko Tanabe in the December 2010 issue of Watercolor Artist. An overview of her work confirms it’s true: cityscapes and streetscapes depicting everyday life in cities all over the world are among the artist’s favorite subjects, but even her more bucolic landscapes tell a human story. View examples of these works in this online exclusive gallery below.

Keiko Tanabe, Lisbon Cafe VI (watercolor on paper)
Lisbon Cafe VI

Keiko Tanabe, Pacific Coast Highway III (watercolor on paper)
Pacific Coast Highway III

Keiko Tanabe, Roma, Italia XXVIII (watercolor on paper)
Roma, Italia XXVIII

Keiko Tanabe, Sevilla Bar I (watercolor on paper)
Sevilla Bar I

Keiko Tanabe, Journey Home IX (watercolor on paper)
Journey Home IX

Keiko Tanabe, Journey Home VII (watercolor on paper)
Journey Home VII

Keiko Tanabe, Kitano Shrine, Kyoto II (watercolor on paper)
Kitano Shrine, Kyoto II

Keiko Tanabe, One More Cast, Kyoto (watercolor on paper)
One More Cast, Kyoto

Keiko Tanabe, River Cruise, Kyoto, Japan VII (watercolor on paper)
River Cruise, Kyoto, Japan VII

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about Keiko Tanabe
in the December 2010 issue
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