Everyday Scenes | Vladislav Yeliseyev Watercolor Landscapes

Artist Vladislav Yeliseyev is no stranger to beautiful scenery. In fact, he’s traveled around the world to paint interesting watercolor cityscapes and watercolor landscapes. But unlike many artists who are drawn to postcard-perfect sites, Yeliseyev usually can be found around the back of a building, along the street or in an alleyway, capturing commonplace scenes.

He embraces warm light, a warm palette and minimal detail to share the beauty of prosaic scenes, as seen below and in the February issue of Watercolor Artist, available in print or as a download at northlightshop.com, and on newsstands December 22.

watercolor-landscape-Vladislav-Yeliseyev-Boat-Depot | Artistsnetwork.com

Boat Depot (watercolor on paper) by Vladislav Yeliseyev

watercolor-landscape-Vladislav-Yeliseyev-Passing-Toulouse | Artistsnetwork.com

Passing Toulouse (watercolor on paper) by Vladislav Yeliseyev

watercolor-landscape-Vladislav-Yeliseyev-Industrial-Landscape | Artistsnetwork.com

Industrial Landscape (watercolor on paper) by Vladislav Yeliseyev

watercolor-landscape-Vladislav-Yeliseyev-Paris-Tunes-in-Little-Color | Artistsnetwork.com

Paris Tunes in Little Color (watercolor on paper) by Vladislav Yeliseyev received The Bold Brush Award (September 2015) sponsored by Fine Art Studio Online.

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