Watercolor Artist 2014 Archive | A Year’s Worth of Watercolor Techniques

If you’re like us at Watercolor Artist headquarters, you save all of your art magazines, returning to them time and again for, say, that great recipe for mixing greens, the name of that specific brush an artist used that you thought would be perfect for your own watercolor techniques, or suggestions for using mid-tones to create a glow. watercolor artist 2014 CD | watercolor techniquesFor you, dear readers, we’ve compiled the Watercolor Artist 2014 Archive—in two formats: a CD to pop into your computer, and individual issue downloads for instant access to must-have watercolor painting info.

Revisit your favorite artist features: The six 2014 issues feature such incredible talents as Ted Nuttall, Laurin McCracken, Iain Stewart, Stephen Quiller, Donna Zagotta, Carol Evans, and many more. Happy (re)reading!

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