Ann DeLaurentis Watercolor Gallery

Although Ann DeLaurentis, inspired by the Precisionist movement of the 1920s-40s, spends a large part of her time observing and painting urban spaces, she gravitates towards nature and the outdoors throughout the rest of her life. “I live in the city and paint all these urban scenes, but I’m an outdoor girl at heart. I love hiking, rock climbing and communing with nature, and I also practice yoga.” While seemingly incongruous with her fascination with the urban environment, her interests all require deep concentration. “These activities demand a similar kind of focus as painting,” she says. “You can think of nothing else; you’re totally involved with it. You have to concentrate, but at the same time be loose and let everything flow and hang with the moment. Likewise, the sort of painting I do is expressive, but takes intense control at the same time.”

Ann DeLaurentis, Station Archway (watercolor on paper, 11x13)
Station Archway (watercolor on paper, 11×13)

Ann DeLaurentis, Giant Magnolia 2 (watercolor on paper, 7x8)
Giant Magnolia 2 (watercolor on paper, 7×8)

Ann DeLaurentis,Hamilton West Side (watercolor on paper, 12x12)
Hamilton West Side (watercolor on paper, 12×12)

Ann DeLaurentis, Spring Herald (watercolor on paper, 12x12)
Spring Herald (watercolor on paper,10×12)

Ann DeLaurentis, Alone on the Piazza (watercolor on paper, 7x7)
Alone on the Piazza (watercolor on paper, 7×7)

Read more about DeLaurentis
in the December 2009 issue
Watercolor Artist.





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