Chinese Watercolor Artist Guan Weixing

Watercolor Artist brings you a gallery of renowned Chinese watercolorist Guan Weixing’s work. For more on this exciting artist and the places and people who inhabit his work, see the feature article, “Profiles in Courage,” in the April 2009 issue of Watercolor Artist.

Old Farmer from Shanbei (watercolor on paper, 11×15)

Wrestler from Inner Mongolia (watercolor on paper, 44×26)

Expectation (watercolor on paper, 14×20)

Northeast Farmyard
(watercolor on paper, 30×20)

Autumn Rhythm (watercolor on paper, 21×29)

First Look Into the World (watercolor on paper, 20×15)

Shanbei Folk Singer (watercolor on paper, 15×20)

Little Monk from Xishuangbana (watercolor on paper, 20×30)

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