An Eye for the Everyday | Andy Wood

U.K. watercolorist Andy Wood has a simple philosophy: The artist’s role is to look, often intently, and to communicate what he sees to his audience. This usually means painting objects and scenes that the artist himself personally enjoys. Wood leaves it to other artists, though, to hunt down and depict dramatic and exciting subjects, or famously beautiful views. He himself is drawn to the everyday—people, locales and objects—which he shares here and in the August 2013 issue of Watercolor Artist.

“There are things that may not be so obviously attractive, but that are just as beautiful and just as wonderful when you consider them, and they’re the things I’m interested in painting,” says the British artist. “For me, it’s about peaceful, contemplative scenes.”

River Hérault (watercolor on paper, 10x14) by Andy Wood

River Hérault (watercolor on paper, 10×14) by Andy Wood

Glacé Cherries (watercolor on paper, 14x10)

Glacé Cherries (watercolor on paper, 14×10)

A Cyclist (watercolor on paper, 10x14) by Andy Wood

A Cyclist (watercolor on paper, 10×14) by Andy Wood

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