Master Artworks Captured In … Hairstyles?

Brunette, Blond or Redhead, Your Hair Can Be Art!

When it comes to making art, it’s okay to think outside the “canvas.” Ursula Goff does just that by taking “getting into the creative mindset” to a whole new level: creating masterful artwork … in her clients’ hair!

Hair colorist by trade, Ursula creates beautiful styles from daring dyes to bright balayage highlights. But, that’s not all she does. She walks a thin line between a stylish hairdo and a striking work of art, incorporating the works of Old Masters from Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night to Edvard Munch’s The Scream.

With more than 50K fans on Facebook and over 91K followers and counting on Instagram, Ursula’s unique approach to hair leaves people wanting more — and more she gives! Her website not only features some of her hairstyles but also offers tutorials, videos and even a blog so her fans and clients alike can keep up with her dos and doings.

“I suppose I am known primarily for being a hair colorist, which is my main occupation, so you will see a lot of that [on my website],” writes Ursula. “But I also have a degree in psychology, and I have a lot of random interests — some of them creative, some of them academic. and some of them are just miscellaneous.”

Do you, boo. We love it, and we think you will, too. Below are some of Ursula’s artful hairstyles. Enjoy!

We are Screaming with Joy with This Edvard Munch-Inspired Do


Channeling her Inner Joan Miró


Get Your Marilyn On with Andy Warhol Flair

Soooooo….Debbie wanted to try a new piece of artwork and decided on a Warhol. Thankfully, I received a metric ton of color today, very generously provided by @changecosmetics, so I had some pretty new colors to play with. The yellow and red are Change Cosmetics brand, the blue is Ion, diluted with Change white and with two drops of Change yellow added, the skin is Change white with a drop of fuschia, and the black outline is @arcticfoxhaircolor in Transylvania. We are pretty happy with it, and it was super fun to do – I FUCKING LOVE MY JOB!!! PS I think as her cowlick grows out it will start to look like David Bowie so that’s technically a TWOFER. Check out @atlaspherehair for the original buzzed hair art. #warhol #popart #rainbowhair #neonhair #finearthair #sponsored #changecosmetics #marilyndiptych #behindthechair #modernsalon #americansalon #beautylaunchpad #fckinghair #fiidnt #nothingbutpixies

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Starry Night, Starry Hair — Take 1


Simultaneous Style and Art with This Robert Delaunay Do!


Marilyn and Andy Warhol — AGAIN! (Because, This is Brilliant, Right!?)

Here’s one of colors I did that’s been nominated for the Behind the Chair One Shot Awards – an Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe amongst custom colored (and sponsored) @vpfashion extensions. I really didn’t expect to get nominated this year, because I didn’t think my work was quite what they were looking for, and I even considered the possibility that my stuff was going completely unnoticed by them because, well, maybe it’s not that great. Maybe last year’s nomination was a fluke. Maybe I just get lucky sometimes. Maybe maybe maybe. It’s impossible for me to be objective about my own stuff. I mean, I know I usually like it, but that doesn’t mean anyone else will. And even if a ton of people like it, that still doesn’t necessarily mean it’s anything special. I always allow for that possibility. My main priority is enjoying what I do, but it’s admittedly pretty neat to get industry recognition. So thank you, @behindthechair_com, for appreciating my personal brand of ridiculous circus carnival hair. Makes my outcast, blue haired, former teenage self feel pretty validated about staying weird. AND, of course, if all y’all like this color scheme and/or you wanna do your own paintings on hair, then order some of these bad boys and use code UGGOFF so you can get a discount. I just used pink, yellow, and aqua to color them, and then mushed the colors together in varying combinations and dilutions to get the greens, oranges, and purples. I had to color them about three times, though, because there’s so much damn hair; be prepared for a workout. #extensions #Warhol #popart #marilynmonroe #rainbowhair #mermaidhair #unicornhair #stayweird

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Starry Night, Starry Hair — Take 2


Color Me Pretty with This Style Inspired by a Wassily Kandinsky Color Study


Can’t Forget THE Georgia O’Keeffe and Her Lovely Poppy Paintings

I love Georgia O’Keefe’s poppy paintings, so I decided to do one myself, first on paper with watercolor (left), then on hair (right). This is part of my project to help @matrix promote their new ColorSync Vinyls line of Demi’s, which should become available this fall! I used copper and red for the petals and cobalt, midnight violet and copper for its dark center, painted onto a blonde extension and then clipped into the hair. My client’s hair was also colored with the Vinyls; we do her regrowth (ashy level 6) with the red and then after processing added a layer of the red Color Graphics lacquer to the top third to bump the intensity. We let that bleed down into the mids a bit and then did some balayage on her ends with Matrix Lightmaster, which turned a fabulous bright coral! Loved how this came out! #matrixbrandpartner #matrix #colorsyncvinyls #redhair #paintingsonhair #hairpaintings #georgiaokeeffe #americanart #finearthair #beautylaunchpad #BehindTheChair #modernsalon #americansalon #fckinghair

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My eyes are drawn to brilliant colors, and Ursula’s Instagram page is filled with them. Instagram is by far one of my favorite social media platforms. Perhaps, it’s because the app is so visually engaging; or, perhaps, it is because the app prides itself on being in the moment (hint: “Insta”).

Regardless of the reason, I check Instagram daily to inspire my inner creative — which is how I stumbled upon Ursula.

If you get inspired by seeing other artists’ work like I do, then you’re in luck. I promise to keep trolling the platform for more amazing art goodies. Stay tuned, artists!

What do you think about Ursula’s artful hairdos? Tell us in the comments below!


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