Improve Your Painting with Still Lifes

Get back to basics with a still life painting!

Still life paintings allow you to take your time to focus on light and shadow, values, color, and shapes in a controlled atmosphere.

Still Life Painting with Richard Robinson

Still Life Painting by Richard Robinson

Setup a Simple Still Life
A great still life begins with the setup. Follow Richard Robinson’s tips for setting up a simple still life.

Use Value to Create Form
A range of values will create depth and dimension in your paintings.

Simple Steps to Success with Still Life Painting

Simple Steps to Success with Still Life Painting | Value Painting by Richard Robinson

To get more painting lessons to improve your skills using still lifes, join New Zealand artist, Richard Robinson, for Painting Still Lifes Part 1: Simple Shapes. In this video workshop, you’ll learn painting tips to

  • Capture gesture with brushstrokes
  • Color mixing techniques
  • How to see color as value
  • And more to paint simply with still lifes

Preview the Painting Still Lifes Part 1: Simple Shapes video here now, then visit to access the full-length video, and try out the Parts 2, 3, and 4 in this series.


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