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There are many reasons we love to create art; humans are designed to express ourselves, be it through language, images, gestures and many other means. We create to portray memories, dreams, love and reality; to let go of emotions; and for some of us—because we seemingly have no choice but to be creative—it’s just meant to be. Share this quote on Twitter. Painting and drawing are prime examples of expression and creation, and while you may not create art with the intention of making money, at some point you may start to ask yourself questions about selling art: “Should I sell my art? What do I need to do to get started?”

If nothing else, it’s nice to be able to at least cover your expenses: brushes, canvases, fixatives and, of course, your chosen media—they all add up pretty quickly, not to mention if you’re renting a studio space in which to create your art. Many artists dream of being able to make a living using their creativity to paint, draw or any other means of making art. Taking it to a professional level takes time, practice, thick skin and bravery, just to name a few things. But once you’ve decided to sell your art, it’s time to take action.


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Allow us to introduce to you Lori McNee and Paul Dorrell.
McNee is an influential artist who has been a talk show host for Plum TV, and has been featured in and written for magazines and book publications. Dorrell is a gallery owner, art consultant, and artist advocate. Both are powerhouses when it comes to the business of art and we’re pleased to share with you their expertise in this free download. It features “Faring Well at the Fair” by Dorrell, who shares his advice on how to make the most of art fairs and juried shows. And, “Art of Writing Bios, Blogs, and Statements” by McNee takes a look at how to maximize the impressions you leave when sharing your bio and statement, and how to create and maintain a successful blog, which help get your work noticed so that you can sell your art online and in person.

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If you’re serious about learning how to sell your art, you’ll want to learn what it takes to have the strongest artist bio, blog and artist statement you can so that your audience (and potential clients) will know from the beginning what you and your art are all about. While writing can be intimidating for some, McNee’s advice will make it easier to put your pen to paper, starting today. Her article covers how to write an attention-grabbing bio, how to use a blog, and how your artist’s statement can lead to selling artwork.

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Dorrell’s article “Faring Well at the Fair” was published in The Artist’s Magazine (June 2013) and is excerpted from Living the Artist’s Life: A Guide to Growing, Persevering and Succeeding in the Art World. Learn the benefits of participating in art fair and/or juried show, as well as how to find these venues and make the most of them.

Paul Dorrell founded Leopold Gallery in 1991. His clients include Warner Bros., H&R Block, the Mayo Clinic and thousands of private collectors.

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