4 Ways to Make Money Selling Art

A Fundamental Guide to Learn How to Market Yourself as an Artist


Selling your art is about more than just creating great art. Selling artwork requires the successful promotion of your art, keeping your art business safe, creating a solid business plan, and leveraging the many marketing tools available to you. To make money doing what you love, read the advice and stories of these successful artists and art business practitioners and see how they make money doing what they love with art.

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From The Artist’s Magazine: Will Selling Giclées of Your Artwork Enhance Your Career? by Paul Dorrell

In the Ask the Experts portion of this free download, art business expert Paul Dorrell discusses the benefits, strategies, and drawbacks to using giclées to promote and sell art. Does selling giclées affect galleries and serious art collectors’ perception of your artwork? Paul Dorrell answers this question and discusses the use of giclées. Paul Dorrell is an art business aficionado and is the founder and owner of Leopold Gallery in Kansas City, MO.

“For painters, reproducing their best works as giclée prints can be a career-enhancing move – if you go about it the right way,” says Dorrell. Claim your free download and learn how to use giclées the right way to sell your art.

From The Artist’s Magazine: Protect Your Art and Materials By Insuring the Contents of Your Photos by BJ Foreman

Learn the basics of insuring your art materials, equipment, studio, and artwork. You love what you do, you create uniquely wonderful works of art, now protect your passion and your hard work. BJ Foreman will walk you through the steps of how to research your art insurance options, go through insurance basics for artists, and how to accurately keep an inventory of your artwork and art supplies.

This free article highlights artist-specific insurance resources, including a list of a number of national nonprofits. Insights from Foreman will help you “treat your artistic enterprise as a business in order to protect your future success as an artist.”

From The Artist’s Magazine: Be Savvy If You Expect To Sell Art In Tough Economic Times by C. Sharp

Christine Sharp is an accomplished artist, represented by Lisa Harris Gallery, Seattle, with works hanging in many international, private, and corporate collections. Sharp has a wealth of knowledge to share. With savvy advice to survive tough economic times, Christine and fellow artists and gallery owners share 12 tips to survive and ride out an economic recession. Download this free resource to how to make money selling art, come what may.

From the Artist’s and Graphic Designer’s Market: Adapt and Sell More Art? by Lori McNee

In a challenging economy, great artwork must be sold from the cornerstone of a strong business with a solid art business plan. Nolan Ryan says, “Enjoying [artistic] success requires the ability to adapt. Only by being open to change will you have a true opportunity to get the most from your talent.”

This free download includes hints to help you determine your goals, how to build your brand, ways to keep your website updated, how to start a blog, and how to stay customer and relationship focused. You’ll also learn great ways to employ direct marketing tactics, use mobile marketing, and how to make the most of social media.

If you combine your new tools with tenacity and grit, and never cower when faced with the prospect failure, you’ll weather tough economic times and continue to share your art to make the world a better place. Claim your free download to read this guide to building a winning business plan to help you sell more art.


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