5 Great Gifts for Flower-Lovers

These remarkable books and DVDs make great gifts for the floral artist in your life.

  1. Watercolor Quick & Easy with Joyce Faulknor (DVD)
    Follow along as Joyce demonstrates painting flowers in watercolor using unique approaches—mixing color directly on the surface to paint a magnolia, and glazing color to paint an iris—to create fabulous darks, luscious color and wonderful contrasts.
  2. Painting Watercolor Flowers That Glow by Jan Kunz
    Light has the power to make an ordinary flower extraordinary. Jan Kunz shares simple, step-by-step techniques for capturing that celebrated “glow” in watercolor. A classic approach to a timeless subject, this encore publication of Kunz’s best-selling book covers a fabulous range of inspirations.
  3. Painting Flowers in Colored Pencil with Gary Greene (DVD)
    Learn to use two completely different approaches to painting beautiful, lifelike flowers with colored pencil in this workshop. Gary begins with the basics and then demonstrates two complete start-to-finish flower paintings—a rose using solvent to create an underpainting on which to layer color; and a gloxinia on a dark surface using a burnishing technique.
  4. Painting Flowers A To Z With Sherry Nelson, MDA
    Once you learn the basics—like how to create textures and common leaf shapes—you’ll be able to paint any flower that grows! Sherry even offers tips for creating your own, unique floral designs. Although she works primarily in oils, Sherry includes information and color charts for acrylic and watercolor artists, making this a must-have reference for every flower painter!
  5. Women of Flowers: A Tribute to Victorian Women Illustrators by Jack Kramer
    Since the early 1970s, horticultural expert Jack Kramer has been collecting works by Victorian women artists. Women of Flowers is his tribute to those women who received so little credit in their own day and age. Over 150 floral paintings and prints illustrate the life stories of 35 women artists from America, England, Germany, and France. In this elegant and charming gift book, hundreds of dazzling full-color floral paintings and botanical prints illustrate the fascinating life stories of Victorian women artists who made tremendous contributions to the art and science of botany.

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