Halloween Face Painting Fun

Ghostly editors Cherie Haas and Vanessa Wieland

Here at The Artist’s Magazine and North Light Books office, we love Halloween! It is, after all, prime opportunity to get creative and make fabulous art. One of my favorite quotes from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Halloween is “come as you aren’t.” I don’t know about that, as I think our costumes say a lot about who we think we are, and who or what we want to be. And me, I love all things pale and spooky!

As for us on the Fine Art team, we harkened back to our childhoods and decorated with ghosts–the fun kind made from lollipops and tissues. And I have to say, they are fun and look fabulous, don’t they?


There are probably at least a hundred ghosts strung up over our cubicles, and it was a real team effort! And of course, they’re super easy to make: all you need is some lollipops, tissues and string! Hang them up and you’ll have ghosts swooping around overhead.

As for us, we took some inspiration from some of our favorite IMPACT Books authors, Nick and Brian Wolfe, and matched our faces to our friendly ghosties. You can get some great last minute Halloween face painting ideas and lessons, too: Check out this video download from Extreme Face Painting, by Nick and Brian Wolfe. You’ll love the ideas and tutorials in there, and you’ll amaze everyone when you go out trick or treating tonight!

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