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Who has inspired YOU to DREAM BIG? Nominate him or her in the comments section over at createmixedmedia.com for a chance to win an ORIGINAL PIECE OF ART FOR THAT PERSON and a FREE copy of Desire to Inspire!

Read on for the details….

There are a lot of inspiring people in the world (and we know that you know several of them) and we want the power of their example to reach far and wide. That’s why we—those of us at CreateMixedMedia.com and Christine Mason Miller—are so excited to announce a way to spread the word . . .

In her book, Desire to Inspire, Christine Mason Miller spotlights a wide range of creative individuals, all with a common desire to make a positive impact. Now it’s your turn. This is your opportunity to acknowledge your mentors, friends, family members, colleagues or acquaintances who have inspired you to dream big, scale an impossible mountain, make a difference or simply become a force of good in the world.

Now through March 8, each Thursday I will share with you details about the chapters in the book that inspired our four awards:

  • The DREAM BIG Award (boldly making one’s dream a reality)
  • The MOUNTAIN CLIMBER Award (overcoming great challenge with a positive perspective)
  • The MAKE-A-DIFFERENCE Award (inspiring us to be of service to others)
  • The LIVING IT FULLY Award (offering a beautiful example of being present in every moment)

At the end of each week’s post, you are free to nominate your special someone, by leaving a comment explaining who you wish to nominate and why. We would love it if you included a link to this person’s blog or website if they have one.

Each week, everyone who comments will be entered to win a copy of Desire to Inspire, and then on March 15, the winners of the four awards—who will be selected by a specially appointed panel from CreateMixedMedia—will be announced on the site.

So let’s get to it! First up: The DREAM BIG Award. Come on over to leave a comment, learn more and be sure to stop back by each Thursday for more on the other awards and more inspiration!

Art by Christine Mason Miller



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