Southwest Art’s Figurative Issue

Summer Reads (oil, 36 x 48) by Michael Steirnagle

The January issue of Southwest Art is on the newsstands and includes a spotlight on nine talented painters who carry on the tradition of figurative art. These artists express mood, gestures, and body language with simple strokes of paint on canvas. Their styles range from Michael Steirnagle’s colorful, expressionistic figures to Mary Qian’s muted portraits capturing quiet moments in the lives of her subjects. In another profile we feature Walt Wooten who is known for his intimate portrayals of Native Americans.

We also turn the tradition of painting the feminine form on its ear with a look at six painters who paint the male figure, ranging from boys to men. Finally, in our monthly My World feature, readers meet Hugh Wilson, a Montana-based figurative painter with a New York-style studio loft in Livingston. Hugh talks about his travels across the United States to paint everyone from coal miners in West Virginia to farm workers in California. –Bonnie Gangelhoff   

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