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Italian Garden Nectar by Carl Dalio

Italian Garden Nectar (watercolor, 21.25×14) by Carl Dalio (carldalio.com)

Once in awhile, a band comes along that I love so much, I’ll travel hours from home to see them live in concert. On one such trip a few summers ago, I found myself in Cleveland, Ohio for a show at the House of Blues with some friends. The concert was to start a bit later in the evening, so we enjoyed the city by walking around, and came across a delightful street that had been blocked off for pedestrians only. Stores and restaurants lined the sidewalk, and we chose to sit in an outdoor dining section and have a drink while we waited.

On the table was a glass of red wine, an imported beer, a cosmopolitan, and a bourbon on the rocks. We sipped, watched passersby, and were warned by a police officer to perhaps move our purses closer to our tables so that they couldn’t be snatched. I thought that was very nice of him. As we enjoyed our afternoon together, adventurous and yet lazy at the same time, my friend Melanie raised an eyebrow and smiled, looking down at our table. “Do you realize that our drinks completely match our personalities?” she asked us. We gazed down, and sure enough, realized that each of us had ordered something completely different and yet somehow reflective of our individual nature. What a laugh we had! I still have a photograph of this philosophical drink array.

And so when I came across Italian Garden Nectar by Carl Dalio of Sedona, Arizona, I paused to admire the arrangement of glasses and jars and the soft light that signals the sun setting just off to the west of the table. It also reminded me of Soon Y. Warren’s watercolor paintings (learn her techniques for painting water in her newest DVD, Vibrant Watercolors), which are quiet and yet lively at the same time, sort of like enjoying a drink with friends while on an adventure.


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