There Are No Unbreakable Rules Here

I’m not one to complain, but I have to admit that my back hurts this morning. I recently moved my family to a new-to-us home in the country, and before our boxes were even unloaded, I was getting advice on how I need to cut back some of the flowers that had died over the winter in order to allow their new growth to come forward. I welcomed the idea of gardening as a break from packing, unpacking, updating our services and changing our address on countless forms. So when the sun broke the clouds yesterday and warmed the stretch of valley where we now live, I grabbed my shears, got on my knees, and started trimming the plants.

Thoughts of the arduous transition fled, and I felt the presence of those who lived there before me. Now I can sit back, do a little yoga to ease my muscles, and relax on the porch swing as I wait for the flowers to come back to life and welcome my family, their new tenders, to the countryside.

How to paint flowers in watercolor

Painting Vibrant Flowers in Watercolor by Soon Warren includes a step-by-step of ‘Dahlia and Crystal’ (watercolor, 15×22).

I share this love of gardening with none other than Soon Warren, who has the talent (and has put in the time and effort) to share her appreciation of flowers by painting them with grace. I think she loves watercolor at least as much (if not more) than the subjects she paints. She says that she has made small changes in her style and colors through her artistic journey, but adds that “one thought that has never changed is my daily astonishment of how wonderful and awesome the watercolor medium is! Why? Because there are no unbreakable rules in watercolor painting! To make it work for you all you need is to understand several very basic principles and elementary techniques. Once you’ve mastered the basics, find your own style by investing as much time as you can painting and experimenting. Learn what is most comfortable and enjoyable for you. It’s also important to cultivate your drawing skills in order to execute outstanding representational paintings. When you add together your drawing abilities, practice and a passion for painting, you’re well down the path to reaching your goals.”

Warren inspires me to no end, and I think she’ll have the same effect on you. Her quotation above is from Painting Vibrant Flowers in Watercolor, which is part of this exclusive collection that features her books and DVDs. Click this link to learn more about what’s included so that you can learn how to paint the flowers that you love.

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