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A Fat Cat, Ethnic Bread, and Watercolor

When The Watercolor Bible by Joe Garcia landed on my desk, I wondered if it could possibly include everything that a beginning artist needs to know about using watercolor. After reviewing it, I can tell you that I believe it does. Garcia covers basic materials, composition, drawing techniques, watercolor properties, color, and special effects....


How to Draw Dogs with Chris Hart

If you love the funny, cuddly, lovable nature of dogs, you’ll love learning how to draw them, too. Best-selling artist and instructor Chris Hart takes the trouble out of drawing your favorite canine companions by demonstrating easy drawing techniques and showing you how to draw their anatomy accurately. Follow these easy step-by-step lessons to...

Evening Egret, oil painting by Matthew M. Schulz

The Allure of the Wild

There’s something intriguing about wild animals that make them a tempting subject for drawing. One reason is that wild animals are mysterious, especially those that seem exotic to us. Another reason is they’re simply beautiful. Sometimes their beauty puts a high price on them, which brings up a third reason: conservation awareness. And we...

The Caregivers by Patricia Traub

The Call of the Wild | Giving Meaning to Wildlife Art

Patricia Traub's work, featured in The Artist's Magazine (September 2013) moved me and left me feeling introspective. I’ll let you read the article for yourself to learn how she “depicts humans as protectors alongside endangered species and unwanted pets,” but until you do, I'd like to share some of her painting and composition techniques.

Found (watercolor) by Anni Crouter

Watercolor Animal Paintings | Anni Crouter

Watercolor artist Anni Crouter has spent her entire life surrounded by animals. Growing up, she lived in an apartment above her dad’s veterinary clinic in Flint, Michigan. Today she calls that same city home, but she now spends many of her days in a studio above a different veterinary business—this one belonging to her...