Art Business

The Value of an MFA

Do the costs of an MFA degree outweigh the advantages? Deborah Bright, Chair of the Fine Arts Department at Pratt Institute says they do in an interview with John A. Parks.

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Art Business Tip: How to Prepare for an Exhibition

“Must be nice to just sit and paint all day. What a soft life!” A friend of mine had said this to me, and half of it is true; being able to paint for a living is great, but there is much more to an artist’s life than paint and brushes. For example, preparing...

Redwings & Yellowthroat (triptych; oil, each panel 24x24)

Your Art Career | Posterity versus Prosperity

There is an unrelenting sentiment among some artists, collectors, and critics that making money from making art robs the “artiste” of the purity of making art for art’s sake. Those who think this way seem to think it’s not possible to create art that is aesthetically pleasing, if not perfect, while also making art...


Art Chats with Linda Fisler: More Than Meets the Eye

We all enter the artist community with unique circumstances; Linda Fisler is no exception. I had the pleasure of meeting Linda at the Representational Art Conference in Ventura this year only to find that there is a lot more behind the voice of Art Chats than meets the eye.