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Panther drawing in colored pencil for the Friends of Florida Panther Organization

Creating Art With a Purpose

Having a calling as an artist is a true gift. Your inner drive to create beautiful things is such an awesome feeling. But the ability to do good things in this world with your art is even better. Looking back over my career, I can honestly say that I've lived a full life, creating...


For Love of Art and Artists

Running a family business is a challenge that is never completely met. When I began Jack Richeson and Co., Inc. over 30 years ago, I never imagined that one day this business, in an industry I love, would be able to provide an income not only for 8 family members, but also for over...


Can Selling Giclées Enhance Your Career?

Paul Dorrell, owner of Leopold Gallery, has clients that include Warner Bros., H&R Block, the Mayo Clinic, the Kansas City Chiefs, and more than 1,000 private collectors. He’s a public speaker and the author of the guidebook for artists, Living the Artist’s Life, Updated & Revised. Recently, he contributed to The Artist’s Magazine’s “Ask...


Final Tips on Making Art Your Business | Artist’s Network University

Every day I get to hear stories of breakthroughs, triumphs and challenges in our courses. It’s inspiring and over the past few weeks I’ve really enjoyed sharing their art business tips with you. I think that if you follow their advice and find your own voice through art then you’ll certainly find an exciting...

2014 Photographer's Market

The Business Mind-Set by Ilise Benun

Most people who go into business do so because they want, first and foremost, to be a business owner. That’s not usually the case with creative professionals. You see yourself as a creative first, and you love the creative work. You’re in business, whether as a freelancer or running a larger entity, by accident...

Cornucopia (2013; 6,700 square feet) can be seen at 2800 Fox Street in Philadelphia. Sponsored by the Brown family, Shoprite, and the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program; Courtesy of muralist Jonathan Laidacker

Giving Greenlancing a Go

Every day people are discovering more ways to be “green,” by reducing, reusing, and recycling, in the office, at home, and even specifically in art studios. Read Tom Tumbusch's article "Giving Greenlancing a Go: Make Sustainability a Core Value of Your Business," on how to incorporate green practices into your own business.