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Abstract Art Techniques

Beyond Realism with Abstract Art Composition

Question Reality in the Name of Abstract Art When I was a teenager, I saw a bumper sticker that said, “Question Reality.” I found that idea intriguing, if somewhat baffling. But as an avid reader and artist, I associated the concept with my favorite forms of escapism, because that’s what artists...

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Seven Steps to a Painterly Still Life | An Oil Demo With Qiang Huang

I place the setups for my works at almost eye level. The center of focus in the arrangement for Delicate Porcelain (oil, 9x12) is the orange and the lighter part of the white porcelain pot. The dark bottle enhances the contrast in the central area. The entire composition has a linear...


Tips for Painting Composition | The Art of Intervals

For your painting to rise to the next level, it is important to give consideration to some of the finer points of design and composition. In this PDF download, read artist Margot Schulzke's tips for mastering the use of intervals in your paintings, to promote variety and unity.